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Beyond the Classic White; a Sneaker Update

Posted on October 01 2019

Beyond the Classic White; a Sneaker Update
(...because who wants to worry about keeping those clean?)
           When it comes to curating your closet, sometimes you need a little help. Whether it’s a blog post, an article, or a youtube video, there’s always a guide out there of ‘closet essentials’. These tell you what core items to keep in your closet to help diversify your wardrobe. One thing I’ve found in common with almost all of these lists? White sneakers. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love a good pair of crisp, clean white shoes. They go with almost every outfit and can allow you to try some pretty risky color and pattern combinations due to their neutrality. However, what everyone fails to discuss is what a pain these are to upkeep. Sure you can buy the sprays to weatherproof them, but what about that one fateful day where you accidentally step full force into red clay mud? Goodbye white sneakers. Not even Mr. Clean will get them back to their full shining glory. So, let’s take a look at some cool alternatives to the blinding white sneakers, that are maybe a bit easier to keep clean. These options range in style and color, from everyday shoes to the bold chunky trend. There’s hopefully something for everyone. 


These are a classic, chunky shoe. Although the all-white Filas are all the rage, I'm recommending these two as perfect neutral alternatives to check into this trend

 Disrupter No Sew

For men, the grey No-Sew is a perfect pick if you're not aiming to go fully black. The grey is neutral enough to pair with a multitude of outfits, while still being a statement in itself.

Disrupter 2 Clear

As for the ladies I'm loving the Clear Disrupter 2s, especially in this glossy black. Pair it with outfits where you would want an alternative to Doc Martens, due to season or pant hem length (and if you want some color they have the sweetest shade of baby pink available too!). 
 Pick up a pair of the Clear Disruptors here for $70
Pick up a pair of the Now Sew Disruptors here for $75


Allbirds is a much smaller company than some of the others listed here, but still hitting the head on the nail in the street sneaker game. They're environmentally and ethically driven and make their shoes out of natural and recyclable resources. 

  Wool Runners

        These moisture-wicking shoes that are machine washable, make any possible stains much easier to remove. They have a lot of neutral colors (and some crazier ones too) available online, some availability may vary depending on men vs. women, but there's a color for everyone and every outfit. 
 Pick up a men's pair here for $98
Pick up a women's pair here for $95 


    Adidas is known for some classic and sick silhouettes on street shoes, as well as color combinations. Which is why these two styles are perfect for taking your sneaker game to the next level. From Adidas I'm recommending... 


The Ozweego collection. It's a slick shoe with a streamlined shape. Although I have the black pictured, I would also recommend checking out the Cloud White color story if you're not looking for something so stark. 


 The Falcon is my ladies' choice. It's got a chunky heel that allows for some height and teeters on that 'is it athleisure or actual athletic shoes' vibe. The color options are great, but I'm showing this cool Pink Ecru as I find it to be a perfect pink neutral for many outfits. 
Pick up a pair of the Ozweego here for $110 
Pick up a pair of the Falcons here currently on sale for $50


Another smaller brand is Everlane. An ethical company that is striving for sustainability based out of San Francisco. Earlier in Spring 2019, they released their new Treads collection.


        Originally they were leather shoes made out of leather sourced from Italy and made with 92% recycled plastics and materials, but they've now added in a few pairs with suede tops and detailing allowing for texture diversity within the shoe. The colors are all neutral tones, and they have a lovely off-white if you want to stay close to the classic. I personally am loving the muted blue 'glacier' colorway, but they have recently released some new Fall tones that you should be sure to check out. The best thing is all colors are available between men and women, so if you see a shoe that speaks to you, go for it. 
Pick up a pair here for $98.


 Finally, let's talk Nike.

  Air Max 270 Reacts 


         The Air Max 270 Reacts are probably the most colorful option on this list and that's because their colorways are all based on Art Movements. Above we have pictured (in order) the American Modern and Impressionism, both beautifully characterizing some of the most compelling art in history. Personally, I'm going with the American Modern shoe, but there are so many great picks in this collection. They all offer a big personality with the ability to diversify your closet and the most basic of outfits. 
Pick up a pair of these here for $150.
        So, whether you're looking for classic or chunky, bright colors or neutral, or just plain black sneakers, hopefully, there was a style here that spoke to you. Take some risks. In my opinion, nothing can change the mood of an outfit more than the shoe you pair it with. Try some color or new silhouettes and see how you can elevate your looks.
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Graphic Credit: Patti Hazlett