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Crisis at the Broider: Embroidered Hoodies Are Taking Over!

Posted on October 31 2019

Crisis at the Broider: Embroidered Hoodies Are Taking Over!

When did we start to appreciate champion hoodies so much? For lack of an accurate timeline, I'd say it was 2016 when the power of hoodies was revived and champion silently crept into the spotlight by churning out the same quality of clothing they have for the past 100 years. But this isn't a champion write-up, it's more so about what champion has become a major part of: embroidered hoodies.

So yes, somewhere around 2016 we decided that screen printing was inauthentic and cold and embroidery was more personal and cozy. Thus, retailers and small businesses everywhere hopped on the trend and have made embroidered hoodies their own industry (box logos anyone). And you are guaranteed to see them everywhere right now as it is in fact hoodie season. But don't pay too much for a hoodie, as most of these hoodies will be Gildan manufactured and slapped with whatever price the seller decides (unless the hoodie is so bomb that it's worth it.)

And suppose you are reading this and you would like to make your own hoodies, understand that the market for them is both in demand and saturated, not yet oversaturated, but they are surely everywhere. Mega retailers such as Forever 21 and H&M still stick to printed items due to their low price to manufacture, thus the chance for small business to experience exponential growth due to this item is fairly possible. But with many trying their luck, your design must stick out, and your company name easy to remember. I'm putting you on to the game right now, but attempt to go for clean, simplistic embroidery with large company identifiers. If "highlyfe" is embroidered across the chest of a black hoodie in rainbow lettering, not only is the design simple and sleek, but those passing by would be able to easily identify the company and remember the name for further research and possible inquiry on how to purchase one themselves. In essence, use your customers as your advertisement until you can execute like Nike and skate by with a small check logo on the bottom left of shirts. 

If you have learned anything from reading this, you should now know that 1. Champion hoodies have always, and will always be the move, 2. Not to overpay for embroidered hoodies (since there is usually nothing short of a $30 markup on the retail end from the wholesale end), and 3. The time is now to start your own clothing business with embroidered hoodies as the star.

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