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Astroworld is Overrated, but Travis Scott isn't

Posted on October 24 2019

Astroworld is Overrated, but Travis Scott isn't
We all know the feeling of rushing to the merchandise stand the second a concert is over, hoping to get your hands on that overpriced shirt with the tour dates on it. Why? Just so you and everyone who sees you can know that yes, you did attend that concert and you also were equipped with the speed, finesse, and pocketbook to attain the very shirt you are wearing. But, I bet we all never think about why we love the merchandise from our favorite artist so much past the "cool" designs and the fact that we want to support them. Artists prey on our FOMO (fear of missing out) big time, so much so, we drop a heinous amount of dollars to attain what we believe will make us feel included in some realm of exclusivity. Here is a list of some of the most, dare I say, overrated merchandise. And by list, I just mean Astroworld.

Travis Scott Astroworld Merch

Say what you will about Travis Scott, but he knows how to profit off of his name. Both of the hoodies you see above are over $200 on resale sites, with them originally being retailed for about $85 each. Travis dipped into the hyped Merch world with the release of his album Rodeo, but he wasn't on everyone's radar until talk of a grand album named Astroworld came about. As a Houstonian, I for one was excited for the country to learn about the treasure we as a city lost in order to "make the rodeo bigger", and I was initially a fan of the merchandise and I surely wanted a hoodie myself...until I saw the surprising hype around it. Millions nationwide were foaming at the mouth to get Astroworld gear, and with the high prices and fast sell-out times, it became "cool" if you had some merch. Meaning your outfit could be terrible, but that Astroworld shirt was your saving grace. Yeah... that's a no from me dog.

Anyways, Travis continued to create and release more pieces like the genius he is, even creating exclusivity within his already rather exclusive line by releasing custom merchandise for select cities. This can be seen above with the hoodie Travis sold during his two-night doubleheader at the Madison Square Garden, with the New York Knicks theme included making it close to home with the audience. He hit a home run with Astroworldfest (which he just announced the second coming of on the 27th), as many that I know who attended the inaugural event beelined for the merch stand the second the gates opened. The line was ridiculously long but I applaud Scott for having enough in stock to where a good amount of those in attendance actually got to purchase items throughout the chaos. 

Astroworld merchandise possesses some rather odd designs with the same "wish you were here" saying slapped across many of the pieces included in the line. It's a strong stakeholder in the revival of the counterculture and youth regime we saw during the Vietnam War era. Because it is time once again to rebel, stay up late and do drugs, and of course, spend hundreds on clothing you dare not wash. It's overrated, but I respect the way Scott captured the pockets of millions over the course of 2 years.