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Greatest Hits of Past Drops + Drop 005 Availability Update!

Posted on September 26 2019

Greatest Hits of Past Drops + Drop 005 Availability Update!

Greatest Hits of the Drops

With the release of our newest collection, Drop 005 Simply Venture, I thought we take a trip down memory lane to revisit some of our favorite items from previous drops! 
* Read to the bottom to get an availability update on Drop 005, Simply Venture! *

Drop 001 Simply Future

Simply Future Long Tee: 

The first ever shirt released by Simply Thriving was the Simply Future Long Tee. This shirt featured a unique long scooped hem and slightly longer, fitted sleeves. The design here epitomized the Simply Thriving message of utilizing your time, creativity, and mind to do great things. 

Simply Comet White and Simply Astro Black- ‘47 Hat:

 One of our favorite accessories that we've launched! Our two hats featured classic Simply Thriving Designs, the Simply Comet and Astro Man. Both are a great statement piece for a closet staple accessory. 

Drop 002 Simply Explosion

Simply Explosion Long Tee

Our bestseller from Drop 002, the Simply Explosion Long Tee! This tee is the OG ST Signature Tee. Featuring our longer-in-the-back, rounded hem, this tee started it all and has created one of our best selling silhouettes. Plus, how could you resist that sick back illustration? 

Drop 003 Simply Unique

Simply Astroguy

Some of our most unique designs came out of Drop 003, Simply Unique ( I mean, duh). Our first pick from this drop is the Simply Astroguy long sleeve. This shirt features a series of comic strip-esque illustrations of our little Simply Thriving mascot, with...thumb holes! Perfect for keeping warm in the cooler fall/winter temperatures 

Simply Astrogirl Hoodie

Meanwhile, our Astrogirl Hoodie exhibited our desire to push fashion boundaries by adding in this exclusive design. Although it is a sibling design with the Astroguy Long Sleeve, the cool slit sleeve is what really sets this hoodie apart from others. 

Drop 004 Simply Creative

Simply Brilliant Long Tee


Probably our most colorful release came from Drop 004, Simply Creative. Our Simply Brilliant Long Tee was a unique hand tie-dyed tee in many color options, to satisfy anyone's desire and style.  

  Simply Escape 


Together, with themes of space, the Simply Escape shirt exemplified the tie between art, science, and exploration. Our cool blue spiral tie-dye made Astroguy swirl into the unknown and escaping the simulation. 

 Drop 005 Update!

Hurry, while they're hot! The Simply Venture is going fast, so grab some merch while you can! 

Simply Imagine: 16/25 Available 

Simply Dripping: 18/25 Available

Simply 24 Hours: 15/25 Available

Simply Stranger Things: 15/25 Available