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How Matching With Your Boo Is The New Move

Posted on February 14 2019

How Matching With Your Boo Is The New Move

   Two very stark images come to mind when the idea of matching with your significant other is first brought up. On one hand, there’s the cheesy “Thing 1” and “Thing 2” or “Sorry, [s]he’s taken” t-shirts that are, unfortunately, sported by cringey couples far too often. However, on the opposite end of the spectrum, there are pairs that somehow manage to make matching outfits look… cool.

   Think, for example, of Kanye and Kim. Although the two are widely known for their wild antics and questionable celebrity status, people can’t deny that they certainly look good in the process. The two tend to lean towards neutral toned monochromatic outfits and daring footwear, but they spice it up every so often with disco-ball’d dresses/jackets and colored-contacts (Google them at the 2016 Met Gala and you’ll get the picture). Justin and his new wife, Hailey, are two others who are also fond of wearing similar pieces. Recently, the married couple visited the doctor’s office in matching bubblegum pink sweatshirts which, might I add, conveniently matched the color of Mrs. Bieber’s hair a little too well. Jay-Z and Beyonce, David and Victoria, and Pharrell Williams and Helen Lasichahn are all other duos who’ve mastered the art of coordinating their outfits while remaining fresh.

   Still, before you start believing that identical fits are something that only musicians, soccer stars, and reality-show royalty can pull off, think again. As a part of Simply Thriving’s Drop 003, the Simply AstroGirl hoodie and Simply AstroGuy long sleeve allow for girls and guys alike to wear the matching merch with confidence and ease. Their black coloring, bright graphics, and trendy cuts (peep the crop for the ladies and the longer length for the men in the pictures below) all come together to create two pieces that are undeniably cool AND corresponding.

   The hoodie and long sleeve are only available in limited quantities, so do like Mr. and Mrs. West and jump on the trend before it’s too late.   


Simply AstroGirl hoodie


Simply AstroGuy long sleeve