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Puffer Coats For EVERY Budget

Posted on October 08 2019

Puffer Coats For EVERY Budget

Puffer coats made a comeback in 2016 and have continued to make appearances every year in Fall/Winter collections. I personally am here for the trend because these coats keep you extremely warm while allowing you to show off your personal take on puffer coats. Wearing puffer coats creates a curtain to your outfit (the main event) that is then unveiled once you make it to your destination.

The only problem with wanting to rock a puffer coat is that they can EASILY break the bank. When shopping for these coats, you can easily find multiple fashion brands that will price these at $300-$400. I've found some puffer coats that will not break the bank from brands that I trust.

ASOS: COLLUSION Unisex Puffer - $35.00

ASOS created the brand COLLUSION to promote a unisex line of clothing. This brightly colored puffer jacket will fit all shapes, sizes, and genders. ASOS markets this puffer as "not too loose, not too tight," and I'm just saying, it looks comfy as hell to me. 

ASOS DESIGN: Oversize Puffer Jacket - $44.00

This longline, black puffer is a basic necessity. It is a classic look that keeps you fashionable and toasty warm. The length of the coat makes it a versatile staple piece, and puffy hood gives the jacket a nice full look.

Topshop: Black Wrap Padded Puffer $60

Topshop created this whimsical, cropped puffer for the ladies. The cropped hem is great for days when you want the long leg look. The puffer's neckline is unique and fashionable. People will envy this expensive-looking puffer all winter long.

Day-Hype: Extreme Puffer Jacket $120

This graphic puffer comes in two colors to match your moods. The unisex cut makes it perfect for the days that you want to be baggy and comfortable. The sporadic graphics make this edgy piece the perfect layering piece for all your colorful winter inspo.

Unif: Puffa Jacket $168

This reversible puffer can portray you as the bright shining sun or the darkest side of the moon. It almost has a windbreaker look but has the down feel of a puffer coat. The short hem and thick look, again, is perfect for leggy, winter looks. Throw some legging and sneakers on with this fit and you'll pull the athleisure look off with style. 

HUF: Everest Jacket $224

The HUF Everest puffer gets you away from the black puffers of the world. Once you have the staple black jacket, it's time to bring some style and color into your jacket repertoire (mostly so you can pair them with black jeans). This higher-end puffer comes in camo and maroon. Two crisp winter color schemes that will liven up your winter wardrobe. 

Balenciaga: C-Shaped Puffer Jacket $2,490

And for all you big ballers out there, we have the Balenciaga C-Shaped Puffer. Though we may not all be on Kardashian status, there are the few that can afford (and rock) this coat. The neutral colors make it extremely wearable and keep you warm on the coldest of days. 

Fashion is important to so many people and helps many define who they are. Affordable fashion is attainable, sometimes you just have to dig for it. These puffers will not only keep you warm but keep your bank account intact (or help you break it if you choose).