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Seven Springtime Songs to Get You Through the Week

Posted on March 28 2019

Seven Springtime Songs to Get You Through the Week

  Now that it’s officially spring, I’ve stopped cycling through my seasonal depression playlists and, instead, have been searching for tunes that make me feel a little more alive and a lot less… sad :\. While it pains me to say goodbye to Radiohead, Beach House, and Sufjan Stevens, for the sake of psyche, it simply HAD to be done. Thankfully, to fill that glum lil gap where “Casimir Pulaski Day” once played, I’ve unearthed seven songs that make me feel good allll week long (convenient that there’s also seven days in a week, huh?). Read on then click “play” to feel perfectly in tune with the season.

1). “Sunflower” by Vampire Weekend, featuring Steve Lacy   

Vampire Weekend used to make me think of ivy leagues and oxford commas,  but this song is a completely different vibe than the music that they made while attending Columbia University. It’s groovy and smooth, making it way too easy to hum along to. The accompanying music video is equally as enchanting, so make sure to watch that too.   


2). “Chances” by Kaytranada, featuring Shay Lia

Kaytranada’s music is made for good quality headphones and a desire to dance. Seriously, go back and listen to his 99.9% album and you’ll understand exactly what I’m saying. The rhythms and beats that he creates are so buttery smooth and head-bop worthy that I truly didn’t think that he could top “Track Uno” or “Weight Off,” but I stand corrected (and happily so) with the release of this track. 

3). “Patience” by Tame Impala

I’ve waited four loooong years for Tame Impala to release music since their 2015 album, Currents. While these times were certainly excruciating, the recent arrival of “Patience” thankfully makes up for them. It’s airy, synthy, and undeniably trance-inducing; AKA, 100% pure Tame Impala. The lyrics “livin life in phases, another season changes” (crooned ever so beautifully by Kevin Parker, might I add) seem rather fitting for this week’s spring-time theme too.  


4). “Where Angels Fear to Tread” by Disclosure

Forget Tame Impala’s “Music To Walk Home By,” this is THE song for getting around town by foot. Whenever I’m on my way to work and in need of adding a little pep to my step (HA), I blast this song and instantly feel capable of taking on my shift and its consequential s*i* (read between the asterisks). This tune is definitely different than previous works by Disclosure, but it’s on this list for a reason, so STOP reading and GO listen.

5). “Started Out” by Georgia 

This is a song that I first heard while at work, therefore forcing me to discreetly Shazam it from the supplies closet. I like it so much that I’ve shown and played it for just about everyone that I know, so I guess it’s finally your turn to listen and love. The tune makes me want to move my body while partying at some underground club in Europe (you know that’s a #mood), but feel free to get a different vibe from the banger if you so choose.

6). “Nont For Sale” by Sudan Archives

I remember adding this song to a Spotify playlist back in September after stumbling across it on YouTube. However, as the days grew colder and and the sky darker, I had to retire the tune because it was simply too ~exciting~ for my dreary winter self. Thankfully, it’s due time to bring this song to light and show it some luuuuv now that it’s finally spring. It has an enchanting and lull beat that reminds me of lazy days spent outside enjoying the weather, so it’s pretty much the perfect tune for the season.

7). “Cocaine Model” by Zhu

This is hardly a new song, but that doesn’t mean I still can’t be mesmerized by it. Zhu manages to make electronic music that’s equally as soulful as it is dance-worthy, which, in my admittedly naive EDM opinion, is no easy feat. Yet, here we are with “Cocaine Model” as the epitome of a tune that finds balance between beautiful lyricism and bone-shaking beats. Play it and pretend that you’re strutting down a runway in the nineties alongside Ms. Moss. That’s the vibe it gives me at least... 


   Well, there you have it (folks), seven songs that will melt the remaining ice on your heart, unfreeze your body, and make you finally wanna dance all around town again! Now, just press "play" and feel the shift in seasons.