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Women's Summer Style Guide: What I Will be Wearing (and You Should be too)

Posted on April 26 2019

Women's Summer Style Guide: What I Will be Wearing (and You Should be too)

   Temps have risen above 60 degrees where I live, so it's safe to say that I'm already planning my summer wardrobe. Although I'll be the first to admit that I'm a much bigger fan of cooler-weather clothes, I'm actually pretty excited for this season's trends and options. I've been seeing lots of bold colors, breezy fits, and baby details reminiscent of my girlhood in the early 2000s. Needless to say, I'll happily box up my sweaters and Dr. Martens for these four following pieces...

Free People bike shorts
    • These feel like the older cooler cousin of the Soffe shorts that I lived in as a kid. They're perfect for preventing Marilyn Monroe moments from occurring by sporting them under dresses or for creating a laid-back vibe by layering them under baggy graphic tees. I already have a pair of these in black, but this lime-colored option is just too good to pass up. As the saying goes, "The more bike shorts, the merrier" (or something like that...)

Dr. Martens Blair Sandals
    • Okay, so I literally just said that I was going to pack up my trusted Docs, but then I found these sandals. They're sturdy. They're vegan. They're just so cool. They also deserve bonus points for adding a few inches to my 5'2 frame. Altogether, I luuuuv these bad boys (or girls) and will be strutting around town in them all summa long 


    Free People Fanny Pack
      • Although I resent all things KUWTK (if ya know the acronym, then ya know), I do have to admit that Kendall Jenner has pretty good style. Besides tiny-sunglasses, one of her most favored accessories to sport is a fanny pack slung across her chest, just like how it's styled on the model above. Therefore, while I'm beyond embarrassed to confess it, I was inspired by Ms. Jenner to cop and sport a fanny pack myself. They're cute and trendy, plus they free up your hands for festive summer activities like holding ice cream cones or Corona bottles! I guess I can justify my purchase since this must-have item is just as "practical" as it is fashionable ;) 


    Urban Outfitters Angel-Printed Mini Dress
      • I'm like 94% sure that I had this dress when I was a little girl. I was obsessed with angels, mesh material, and feminine dresses back then and, evidently, I still am now. It's suffice to say that it's pretty much perfect. The print is pure nostalgic 90s, while the shape of the piece offers a more contemporary touch. The lightweight (i.e., see-through) material makes it nice for hot summer days at music festivals or for throwing it over a 'kini at the beach. I've added this to my shopping cart on several different occasions now, but after describing it so pleasantly above, I think I'm just gonna have to click "Proceed to Checkout."


       There we go! Four items that I will be wearing (all at the same time??) this summer and that you should be too. They're on-trend, reasonably priced, and weather appropriate, pretty much making them perfect for the season. 

    P.S. Shocked we didn't mention a onepiece? Don't think we forgot about them, maybe we are just holding out till Drop 004...