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To-Read: The Top 3 Articles on Hypebeast RN

Posted on April 09 2019

To-Read: The Top 3 Articles on Hypebeast RN

   While we may have taken a minor break from the blog last week, that doesn’t mean we didn’t stay up to date on the latest and greatest in fashion news. Air cleared and credentials justified, after perusing the Hypebeast home page, it appears that in the seven or so days that we last spoke to you, a LOT has happened in the fashion world. We’re talking a new Supreme X John Paul Gaultier collab, a Takashi Murakami & Billie Eilish situation, and John Mayer tour merch that’s worth flying alllllll the way to Tokyo for. Read and click the links below to get in the know on all things vogue.

1). Jean Paul Gaultier x Supreme 2019 Spring/Summer Collection

   I know this is going to be controversial, but I’ve been extremely disappointed with the recent Supreme drops. Everything that’s been released seems like a dupe from a previous collection; undeniably cool, but also… already done, and therefore dead. However, the new images of Lourdes Leon that just surfaced may have changed my opinion on the notorious streetwear company. In the photographs, she’s sporting fire-red graphic-covered pants, a black pinstripe blazer, and a belt with a buckle that proudly reads “GAUTIER SUPREME.” All thanks to Madonna’s daughter (who, it’s worth mentioning, I have a PHAT girl crush on), the brand once again seems worthy of my hard-earned bones.


Lourdes Leon

2). Takashi Murakami & Billie Eilish Release More Collaborative Merch

   Look, I like Billie Eilish as much as the next twenty-something female and will even proudly admit that “Ocean Eyes” appears on every one of my ~emotional~ Spotify playlists. However, this collaboration between her and Takashi Murakami might just make me a super fan. Mr. Murakami is, in my opinion, a complete artistic genius. Therefore, if he’s willing to work with Lil Miss Billie, then maybe I too should join the bandwagon, buy a sweatshirt, and snag tickets to the next show near me. "Ocean Eyes" would be even better to cry to in person, right?


Billie Eilish


3). NEIGHBORHOOD Rejoins John Mayer for Racing-Inspired Tour Merch

   Speaking of super fans, my #1 man, John Mayer, just revealed that he’s collabing with Japanese streetwear brand NEIGHBORHOOD on a merch capsule. The musician has worked with the label in the past, so this combination isn’t too shocking. However, the “graphic layers” that will be offered as a part of the drop sound both enticing and cozy; kinda like Mr. Mayer’s music itself, if ya know what I mean. Although I wasn’t planning on jetting off to Tokyo anytime soon (thank YOU, student loans), this collab might just be the perfect excuse to see the cherry blossoms and guzzle down sake bombs.


John Mayer

   While we may have taken a few days off, the fashion world did not. That being said, read up on this latest news, then properly choose what collab you’ll be participating in. And when I say “participating,” I truly just mean forking over your moolah to. Good reads, indeed!