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Transitioning from Winter to Spring: Five Pieces to Make the Chilly Months a Little Easier

Posted on February 28 2019

Transitioning from Winter to Spring: Five Pieces to Make the Chilly Months a Little Easier

   If you live anywhere in the North, you know just how brutal the winter gets. As if the cold temps, icy commutes, and snow-covered windshields aren’t bothersome enough, adding in the actual length of the season makes matters all the more worse. However, for those of you with chilly bones and vitamin D deficiencies, fear not.  We’re just one mere day away from March, which, in my born-and-bred Northerner opinion, basically means spring has sprung. Still, while this change of weather is warmly welcomed, the task of figuring out how to dress in this transitional state is almost as draining as seasonal depression itself. Thankfully, Simply Thriving is here to help. These five pieces will make the switch from black ice to rain puddles not only easier, but a lot more fashionable too.

1). Bucket hats: I can distinctly remember when Schoolboy Q made these cool a few years back before he decided to clean them out of his closet entirely ( However, thanks to the reemergence of Kangol, this wardrobe staple is back and fresher than ever. I should probably mention that I have a particular obsession with YouTuber/entrepreneur Devon Lee Carlson and her rockstar boyfriend Jesse Rutherford and therefore may be influenced by their fashion choices, but I’m absolutely dying to cop a white boucle version of this must have accessory.  


Devon Lee Carlson


Jesse Rutherford


2). Adidas Originals tracksuit: Nothing is more bold than sporting a matching set– especially one in bright green, might I add. This particular one from Adidas Originals seems like a basic necessity with St. Patty’s Day coming up, but it’d also be perfect for lounging around and MAYBE even going to the gym.  


Adidas Original

3). “Ugly” sneakers: When this trend first showed up, I couldn’t quite grasp the hype. However, I have to admit that it’s now grown on me… a lot. This particular pair is from Nike and offers a slightly different take on the craze. Its platform seems more athletic and offers elevation from the melting snow while its double-tongue feature adds a more high-fashion touch. Additionally, this pair of kicks comes in a vivid colorwave, therefore making it perfect for the new and sunnier season.



4). Retro-style zips ups: Without mistaking this must-have as a part of the fratagonia craze, fleece zip-ups are actually pretty cool. They’re comfortable and warm, therefore making them perfect for long treks across campus. For major inspiration, just look at style icon (or, as kindly put by SSENSE, the “Martha Stewart” of streetwear) Emily Oberg’s take (


Emily Oberg

5). Overalls: I basically lived in overalls all winter. Stretching my imagination, I layered just about anything under or over them, desperately trying to achieve optimal warmth and coziness. However, as we make our way towards the cusp of spring, I’m imaging them styled in far different fashions. Sheer shirts or long sleeve graphics (perhaps, our very own AstroGuy top) not only make overalls weather appropriate, but they make them on-trend too.