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Headlining Stage Thriving: DJ Nitti Gritti

Posted on May 29 2019

Headlining Stage Thriving: DJ Nitti Gritti

For the 4th Edition of the Simply Thriving Lifestyle Series we were able to link up with the king of energy and passion, DJ Nitti Gritti. The “Lights Nitti Gritti Remix” artist has been blowing up the music industry as of late and is only trending upward. If you know anything about bass music and producing, you know Nitti Gritti is an absolute star. Classified for his head banging & elbow throwing beats, Nitti Gritti has been known to span into all types of music and sign his work with big time labels such as Mad Decent, Quality Goods, Confession, Dim Mak, Musical Freedom, and Sony Music. He’s also recently really stepped up his producing game, working with world renowned artist such as Bad Bunny, Pitbull, Mario, and Enrique Iglesias. Nitti Gritti is probably best known for his unforgettable performances in which he brings every ounce of sweat, passion, and energy with him night in and night out. 

Yet aside from the unbelievably hot streak Nitti Gritti has been on, we have come to realize he is an even better person. Outside of this interview, our team has met with Nitti Gritti, born Richard Mears, on multiple occasions and he has never ceased to amaze us with his generosity, thoughtfulness, and respectable desire to get to know his fans. The is no questioning his drive and ability to thrive through whatever life throws at him. If you don’t know much about him now, read up below because this is one man you won’t regret following!

  • What’s your name?
    • Richard Cook Mears IV
  • What do you do?
    • Produce / DJ music
  • What does a typical day look like for you (if there’s such thing as “typical”)?
    • If I'm at home I like to wake up and work on music, then workout and take a break then work on more music the rest of the night. If I’m on tour, its usually traveling and trying to make random edits on the plane or in the hotel before a show.
  • What’s your favorite part of each day/ what makes you thrive on a daily basis?
    • I love talking to fans and seeing peoples reaction to my music. That is what makes me want to keep creating.
  • What has been your favorite performance to date?
    • It's probably between EDC and Okeechobee, those festivals have always been amazing.
  • What makes you thrive in general (i.e., family, friends, lovers, hobbies, etc.)?
    • My family and friends/ people that I love. Nothing matter more than enjoying life with people you love. 
  • Who are the people in your profession you look up to? 
    • I look up to people that inspire me like Chris Martin (Coldplay), Adam Lazzarra (Taking Back Sunday), Skrillex, Diplo and also people like Frank Sinatra and Bob Marley.
  • How do you feel when you’re on stage? 
    • Its like you feel really confident and really nervous at the same time.
  • How would you describe your personal style?
    • My style is anything that catches my eye. Its how my music is. I make every genre so I like to wear every style.
  • What drew you most to the Simply Thriving Brand?
    • You guys have good quality and its such a creative / fun look to me.
  • What do you desire to achieve this year/what are the dreams you’re pushing for?
    • Im pushing to play my own headline tour and release my own EPs and just enjoy life.
  • Any advice you have for aspiring creatives? 
    • Its a numbers game; and by that I mean spend all your hours.
  • Does the unknown scare you? Why or why not?
    • Only when I think about it too much. If I’m just thrown into it while Im working it tends to get easier to deal with change/ new obstacles if you have your team backing you up as well.

It has been an absolute pleasure having Ricky rep our brand and watching him THRIVE on a daily basis. Make sure to check out Nitti Gritti’s latest song Holy Chit available now. You can find him here on Instagram and Soundcloud. 

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